Uncle Sam

The eponymous Uncle Sam escapes from the Hollywood Hospital for the Psychiatrically Challenged (where he has been spuriously incarcerated). He forms a political party – the New New Deal – and runs for president.

In this political satire and serious dramatic fantasy, Uncle Sam gathers around him a unique campaign team: Daniel Boone, Black Hawk, Eleanor Roosevelt, Zorro, Jack Johnson, Charlie Chan, Superman, Helen Keller, Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain etc.

While they campaign in their constituencies Uncle Sam (flying on the back of Superman) works every state, flies to Afghanistan and has a tense meeting with Bin Laden, then to Cuba and meets (more amicably) Castro.

He successfully debates the Democrat and Republican candidates, putting forward economic, educational, health and public transport reforms that are progressive and socially just.

Given his platform (entirely independent of the Washington snake-pit, Wall Street and corporate baronage) Uncle Same attracts a record voter turn-out (mainly from Afro-Americans and Latinos), and clinches the presidency.

As a character Uncle Sam is a populist Solomon figure, an Everyman on a political Pilgrim’s Progress.

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