The Barrackers Bible

A dictionary of Australian sporting slang, compiled by Garrie Hutchinson and Jack Hibberd, with illustrations by Noel Counihan and Barry Dickins. Published on pink paper as was the Melbourne Sporting Globe for decades and decades, this is a truly larrikin work, celebrating the inventiveness of the local supporter, whether in the Outer, on the Hill, in the Leger or the Members.


  1. An emu… a racecourse scavenger who picks up discarded betting tickets in the hope of finding an uncashed winner.
  2. Umpire….can be called a white maggot…
  3. A barnacle…a batsman who merely hangs around… a limpet and bore.

Jack Hibberd has written short stories over the years, such as Christ Stopped at Echuca,
Nil Desperandum etc.

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