adapted from a story by John McGahan and influenced by his novel: THE DARK. PATRICK O’HAGAN teaches at a remote bucolic school. He was expelled by the Christian Brothers just before his graduation, for disinterest and depression. He is lonely, and still of a melancholy temperament. He has not made local friendships, and aches for companionship. On a day central to the play, the school is visited by a ‘manager’ (a kind of school inspector) O’REILLY, who is a bully and sarcastic nit-picker. He is followed by a BROTHER MAHON, Christian Brother who recruits for the Order. He again is severe and contrives to enlist two boys, by charming parents, much to the horror of O’HAGAN. I trust this adaptation conveys the subtle dramas and acute sensitivities of the fictions of John McGahan.

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