adapted from a short story by W.B. Yeats

Here we have the last days of CUMHAL, a gleeman, a travelling man who sings and recites poetry He wear a particoloured doublet, has sockless shoes, and unruly grey hair. CUMHAL carries a large knapsack, which all but weighs down his frail body. He comes across the abbey of the White Friars. He encounters a lay brother at the front door, after reciting a poem.. He is placed in cold quarters with some smouldering peat, and provided with hard mouldy bread. Attempting to sleep, he is attacked by fleas and lice. At dawn he and the lay brother argue and fight. After this CUMHAL sings loudly.

The ABBOT appears, fuming with anger at the singing and CUMHAL’s blasphemies. He is brutally forced to carry a large cross and perform the Stations of the Cross. He is then crucified.

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